A Reader’s Story – Kathy’s Success With Gilenya

by Sara on March 15, 2011

Reader's Story

Walking Tall

The message below is a reader’s story sent to me by a reader named Kathy (http://gilenya-girl.blogspot.com/ ) who is also using a blog to chronicle her adventures in treating MS with Gilenya. She’s had tremendous success with it right away. Stories like this give me so much hope!

I have had MS since 1987, although it was not diagnosed until 1992. This is often the case with MS, as we all know. I have been on Beta Seron since 1993. I tried Ampyra last year with no success. I had a major flare-up about four months ago, and steroids no longer worked. My doctor gave me the choice of Gilenya or Tysabri. I hate MRI’s and they are necessary when you are on Tysabri. I selected Gilenya!

When you begin Gilenya, you are given the medication under supervision. Your blood pressure and heart rate are monitored each hour. It is a long six hour day, but it went well for me. I was told that it may take between two weeks to six weeks, to see any results. For me, my improvement began in five days!

I can honestly tell you that going on Gilenya was the VERY BEST decision that I have ever made. It took me from barely being able to walk, to walking FAR more easily. In every way that I can think, Gilenya is a Godsend! I am not a very computer savvy person,but I started my own blog! I wanted others to know what a difference it is making in my life. In my blog, I chronicle my days and the improvements which I am making.

The web address is http://gilenya-girl.blogspot.com/ I hope that you can take a peek, as the help which Gilenya is offering me is pretty great! I have been having difficulty with the website. If the web address does not work, GOOGLE: Gilenya + Walking Tall. You should be able to find me! Good Luck with your Gilenya decision…



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Max October 28, 2015 at 8:19 AM

Like Kathy I’m in my fifth day of Gilenya and feel much better. How much of that is due to wishful thinking and how much is the drug, I do not know but I’ll take it. Thus far the only down side is that each morning when I swallow that pill I’m thinking ‘$185 per dose?’. It’s obscene the price but if it keeps me walking I’ll do it. Regrettably I have no choice. Go Bernie!


Sara December 1, 2015 at 9:48 PM

Hi Max! Gilenya seems to really relieve some of my MS symptoms, and I worry that they will return with a vengeance if I have to change medication. Right now I am so lucky to have access to my husband’s healthcare plan – if I were forced to use my own, Gilenya would cost me over $11k per year! The price is obscene, but honestly I am appalled at the prices of all MS medications. Interferons that have been around forever cost so much that I wonder how the price is justified. After experience with both Rebif and Gilenya, I can say that I would definitely rather swallow a pill for $185 than give myself an injection. I am glad you feel better, and I hope you continue to improve!


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