Technical Difficulties – Please Stand By

by Will on April 3, 2016

Technical Difficulties - Please Stand By

We’re working to restore service…

I know it’s been a long time since there has been new content and that the site has been largely unmaintained, with the exception of regular WordPress updates. The good news is the site will be getting some love shortly. Real life has been happening over the last three years and it caught up with us.

  • Sara decided to return to school full time. School work has been incredibly time consuming and she has been cranking about ten blogs worth of essays and papers for the last three years. Her last day is Monday and then she graduates! Excitement all around.
  • We moved to the San Francisco, CA / Silicon Valley area just over two years ago for work. Between selling our home, moving cross country, and getting settled in new jobs we have been incredibly busy.
  • Sara is now seeing Neurologists at UCSF’s MS Research Center, one of the premier MS research facilities in the world. She has had a really incredible experience with the team there and is eager to share the details.
  • Sara has also had a lot of excitement with Gilenya over the last few years and would like to provide some updates there. Since she was an early adoptee once it passed the FDA trials, a lot of people have followed her experience.
  • Sara has had some interesting experiences trying to find a MS support group in the Bay Area and is hoping to have some better luck finding a new one soon.
  • I killed the forums about a year and a half ago. Vanilla Forums open source solution wasn’t getting much love, there were a ton of gaps in the spam prevention so people were trying to use it to run a link farm to ride our SEO rankings, and every time I did a WordPress update it broke the forums. Our hope was that it would foster rich engagement among a community of like minded MS sufferers and their support networks, but it never got off of the ground. We may revisit it once the site is going again.
  • The plugins, themes, and site in general have not had a lot of love over the last three years. Tonight I noticed the site had been down due to a broken plugin for at least a few weeks. I have noticed several other similar problems from time to time over the last three years. I am going to be spending some time over the next few weeks to do a lot of clean-up, work on implementing a new theme, revisiting the plugins (I noticed a few months ago that several had implemented ads / cross site promotional network stuff we had no intention of putting on the site…) and making the site look like something useful and modern for our visitors.
  • A lot of people still use the site. We’re actually seeing more visitors now than when she was publishing the site regularly. MS is becoming a more well known and understood disease and there have been a huge number of treatment and research developments that we’d like to discuss.

Thanks for your patience and continued support. Preparations are underway to resume regular service.

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Barbara Miller February 24, 2017 at 12:45 AM

Taking my daughter to UCSF on Monday 2/27/17 for evaluation of MRI. Been Googling everything I can on MS and came upon this site.


Will February 24, 2017 at 12:13 PM

Good luck Barbara! Sara really loves UCSF and should have a new post up soon about a trial she is entering at the hospital. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


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